Hi, I'm Simon!
Nice to meet you 👋

I was born and raised in Zürich, Switzerland but have since relocated to Canberra, ACT, Australia. Crafting and creating have always been a cornerstone in my family. Whether it was woodworking with my grandpa, crafting with my mother, building circuits with my dad or learning Photoshop, Blender and After Effects to create digital projects.

When I left school, life took me on a different path. For ten years, I worked as a chef in professional kitchens in Switzerland and Australia. Much of my free time was spent photographing and learning as much as I could about general design and coding.

Realising that the hospitality industry's excruciatingly long working hours and work environment won't be sustainable long-term, I've decided to transition into the administrative field. Working in various positions across government and technology has allowed me to hone my communication and organisational skills further.

In early 2022, I decided to go all in and started studying Software Engineering at the University of Canberra. What excites me most about working in software development is being able to design and create things that have a purpose and solve real problems.

Although my path to software engineering has been somewhat unconventional, everything I have done to this day has been a vital stepping stone to where I am today.